For M. L. Eizl

Hi. It's Tuesday, October 28th, 2:55pm. And i just read both of your comments about 30 seconds ago.

Sometimes I lose interest in myself, she grinned, it's the closest explanation I can think of as to why I have not checked my blog in months...

And I am sorry I missed your wave hello, although, since I do not see a way to email you back today, I probably would not have 2 months ago either.

So know that it made me feel very smiley to know someone read me and got me, though I do hope not quite "TOTALLY," because I long to be mysterious and complex. :)

I do not really have a new life yet, I was just happy in the moment I posted last.

But be assured that I am much more O.K. than K.O..

In fact, OK might be my new favorite word this week. I was reading the dictionary 2 days ago and noticed it. I can't remember ever knowing about OK before, but whether i knew it before and forgot, or if it really was knew for the first time... the knew felt new regardless, and that is always very fun.

(OK stands for "oll korrect," a deliberate misspell of "all correct".) I love OK's brattyness. I did not know it was such a snotty little punk before.

Eizl sounds like Easel, and maybe a bit like Gargamel's cat too. An easel with a painting of Azrael on it perhaps.