Semes and empyreal seams

I love it when my body knows words that I don't. It's such a cool phenomenon. Proof that some part of language is inborn. I love when I am fixated on an idea, and my brain will keep throwing a word at me. For example, the word "seams." Seams! Seams! "Seams" will fill what I am trying to write about. This will start to get annoying because it will not be exactly what I am talking about.

I think this happens because what I really want is not a word I know, or it is not a word that is named. So my brain will just keep insisting, SEAMS!!!!! because that's all I've got. But then, sometimes, the cool miracle stuff happens. And sometimes I misspell it just right, or sometimes my brother will explain the proper pronunciation of the word meme, or whatever, and BAM... Semes. The proper definition of the sound I was searching for.

This is why autocorrecting spell-check is evil, because sometimes you need the sounds of innate truth to discover the words. Another example, I wrote "epherial" the other day, which the computer insists is a misspelling. I looked it up and tragically confirmed that no such word exists. This was very disappointing, as epherial was exactly what I meant.

I did NOT mean imperial or empirical. The word ethereal seemed close in taste, and I felt its definition was complementary but not exact. Ephemeral felt VERY close, but at the same time, its definition felt almost like an antonym. I did not mean something fleeting, which is the definition of ephemeral. The thing I wanted did feel fleeting in the sense that it was difficult to grasp, like something flickering on the periphery, but it was definitely not fleeting in the sense of being short lived. My non-word "epherial" felt like something eternally fleeting and diaphanous but also eternally vast and everlasting. More like an obscured rock at the bottom of a pool of smoke rather than the smoke itself.

Then, I discovered the word empyreal. Chink. Clink. That's it! Fleeting and devouring as fire, the word has a pyre right inside of it. My imaginary rock turned out to be a see-through crystal sphere. Empyreal-- a word meaning celestial, pertaining to the highest heaven, ancient, made of pure light, sublime.

The dictionary is the best book ever.