butterfly wing in my spider-web mouth.
gnat-slap distracted.
tongue tipped in heartbeat.
tongue tipped in madness.
sword tipped in poison.

pin through a board,
a pinned specimen,


Naming Garret

yeah, yeah, i know he has a name already.

but i have always hated garret's name. first and last. both are ew.

(we got married, i kept my name.)

names are a Very Big Deal to amanda.

so, i think he needs a new name. because, then i might like him better.

but, i can't just randomly name him something i like from some other context. it doesn't work. (i tried.) he is just not a tyler or a jake or whatever.

so i don't know what to do. i've been quite upset about it. at loose ends. restless.

this week i am testing out: g'LEE!

g for Garret, LEE for his middle name. and Glee because he is usually cheery. also, it is good to shout. gLEE!

i have no better ideas.