The Lingo

So, the first time I heard the term Aspie and... wait, no. the FIRST time I heard Aspie, lets be honest and not creative here... I just thought "oooh look, like AS PIE! Hey pie is good. Aspie! Aspie! YAY FOR PIE!!!"

and then I read about what an Aspie is, definition wise, and I thought... "oh. my. I AM AN ASPIE!"

and then i thought... hey... that rhymes...

BUT THE POINT, which i am forgetting, IS that definitions are important to know... so this is first... (or like, fifth, but yeah)

ASPIE: means a person with Aspergers Syndrome. But Aspie is way cuter and friendlier than SYNDROME, and plus shorter to type.

NT: means a person who is Neurotypical, or NOT an Aspie. This threw me at first because I thought it might mean "NOT typical" and if NTs are normal and typical, then they should just get one letter, but maybe an N or a T made up "NT" and that is why it is so confusing.

I am going to Label some posts Aspie and some NT because when I speak in what i feel is my REAL voice, most people tend to think i am being silly or melodramatic or stupid or purposely difficult... so I have tried to learn to be and speak "NT" way, which I always just thought of as "learning to fake human" before I heard the term Aspie.


Anonymous said...

I want to read you blogging in NT mode, subject: describing yourself as an aspie. Then another blog vice versa. In each blog, you are not allowed to cross personalities.

Amanda said...

i will think about trying this. but i maybe will think of a story or an experience and then try to tell it the 2 different ways. it's harder than i thought it would be, i automatically cross because i think a more NT voice makes sentences make more sense, and a more AS voice comes across as funny sometimes-- so it works on paper in a way it might not in real life.