SEER page 3

The first problem with you is vocabulary. And also maybe that you don’t have vocal cords to speak, even if you did know English, which you don’t, but you are going to need to, because Mommy and Daddy are not bi-lingual, just American.

So the first problem, is, that you cannot read the title of this, your own book. (This one right here that I am writing you.) The second problem, is that I/you am now 28, and so even when you learn to read, I will not have found you yet to tell you about it, and you will still have 26&1/2 years to wait. So… sorry about that.

Hopefully, the whole time-travel thing will get solved soon and all your confusion about God, and free-will, and good and evil, and the dinosaurs, and aliens, and the space-time continuum, and the speed of light will be cleared up better too, but for now, you’ll have to start here.


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