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Today, GOOD-Mommy gives me a present!

Present: Pre like baby or preemie. And sent by Mommy. And Pre… ZENT! Like, if you add a flourish or whip it out from behind your back, like Mommy does, so you remember that this is not birthday or Christmas day.

The name of the present sounds like PRIZZAM. (But later you learn it is spelled Prism.) And it is a small, triangle, piece of glass. And GOOD-Mommy explains that if you are careful, and can find the trick, you can see the rainbow inside, AND also, get the rainbow to come out of the glass. And GOOD-Mommy got the prism-present just for you for know reason! Just because she likes you! And she thought it was COOL! (like cool-interesting)

Prizzam: PRI like a PRIson, and also like an I AM is inside of the prison, and also ZZ like a trapped bee, buZZing and trying to escape. And the I AM part is a rainbow, and it is trying to escape the Prism-Prison.

And then Today is 2 to 5 years later. And you notice that 2 to 5 or 5-10 is how people say it when they get a prison sentence. And that a life-sentence means different amounts of time depending on what state the prison is in, and is not always the same as the lifespan of the prisoner. Which does not sound very fair, but Mommy says is TRUE regardless, and she knows because she is in Law School.

You think about how people’s Mommy and Daddies always cry about their kids being sent to prison, even when they admit their kid was BAD and did something WRONG, may be because Moms and Dads SEE how the SON and the I are trapped in the word prison, and they want to pry their kid out-apart because they want them to get I and SON and PRY and PRISON all straightened out and free again, instead of all tangled up and trapped in un-happy together.

But still Today, is only as far as you know that the sentence is 2-5 for the rainbow in prism.

And today, you have played and played with that prizzam(*line drawn through word, but blog format won't allow that) prism(*line also drawn through prism) Glass and tried and tried to coax that rainbow out. And sometimes in the 2 to 5, when you LOOK HARD, you can see a HINT of what MIGHT be a rainbow.

And some days, in the 2-5, this is the rest of the sentence:
…and I put a skittles next to the rainbow-glass to see if the rainbows will want to play together, since the rainbow-glass will not come out for just me yet, but I CAN taste the rainbow in the skittles, so I have decided to consult the skittles about how to play with rainbow-in-the-glass, and may be if I put them next to each other, and leave them alone, and then spy on them, I will catch both rainbows (the skittles and the prism) out playing…

Or Today… I tell Rainbow-glass that is does not have to do any tricks today if it is not up to it, because that’s ok, and I still like it anyway, and I still like for it to just sit in my window because I SEE that it at least wants to look out the window more than it wants to sit in a dark drawer, and I like to look out the window too.

And Today I add that I wish I could go play outside too, and tell Rainbow-glass that I will take it outside tomorrow. But since for today we have to play-inside, I will tell it about the solar system on the wall of my room that GOOD-Mommy pinned up near the ceiling. And I tell Rainbow-glass that it might want to consider a career as an astronaut, like I am, because then, the SPACE you get to PLAY in is pretty much unlimited, because it is also your JOB and so you get to work at playing in space all the time! And then Mommy walks into my room, and wants to know who I am talking to, and asks me very curious…

Mommy: What are you doing?

And I shrug and feel silly-awkward-baby-dumb and I say…

Amanda: I am just playing pretend.

Mommy (smiles): Oh! What are you pretending?

Amanda: Um… teacher, I guess.

Mommy: Oh. Who are you teaching?

Amanda: My room.

Mommy: You mean the TOYS in the room?

Amanda: Just… (shrug) my room. But, yeah, I guess the toys too.

Mommy: Oh. Ok… Well, I guess I’ll let you keep playing then?

Amanda (relieved): OK! Bye Mommy!

(But you didn’t really mean the toys so much… and MY ROOM and MY SPACE are common themes/problems in your story. Notice that farmer, astronaut, and horse trainer sound good to you—but never cop or fireman… at least, not until you are older and discover the book Fahrenheit 451, because THOSE fireman are a kind you have never heard of, and when you read that book you will have to re-think what you know about fireman, and re-consider your career options.)

BUT! Today, you are not that far yet, and it is still the 2-5 sentence.

And Today, you are somewhere in the house, but not in your ROOM… and… you hear Mommy SCREEEAM!!


Your Room.

And you RUN as fast as you possible can.

But just as you ALMOST REACH the door to your room, Mommy cries out in sad-dismay-disappointment kind of noise.

Just like something has been horrible killed!

But Mommy looks ok… because now you SEE HER filling up the doorway.

And Mommy tells you that she is SO SORRY to disappoint you, and she is so sorry you just missed it… but… the thing is… there were just RAINBOWS all over your room, but they all stopped before you got here. (AND THEN) Mommy looks back in to the room, and says… (still disappointed sounding) well… I guess there is still just a speck left on that wall… but she wishes you had been here a couple seconds ago because…

(And this is where you SHOVE past Mommy into that ROOM NOW!)

Before you miss that last speck too!


…and you must be GOOD-dead in this part. Because you are SURE time stood still…

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