SEER page 40

because TODAY, you SEE the Prism-Prison

(and SMASH! needs 10,000 more pages to be big enough to see how big the explosion was, but that would waste a lot of ink, so you need to stop and imagine it, because I do not have a paper that big anyway)

And the RAINBOW breaks out, and it is the most beautiful thing you have EVER SEEN.



and you can not speak. and you can not move. and you are FORCED to BE STILL by the power in front of you.

Because there is just so much LIGHT and so much JOY and so much so much that your brain WILL explode if there IS ANY MORE.

And you SEE a glimpse of WHY, MAY BE the WOW! and the dancing-joy-rainbow-song had to tone all of that down before you reached it, but also had to turn the volume louder for Mommy because also may be she would not have noticed otherwise, because you SEE that she is much less impressed that you are, even though she got to see MORE miracle.

And inside your head you hear the voice of King Haggard, from the Last-Unicorn-Movie, when he says:

“…they FILL me, with JOY…”

when he explains WHY he stole all those unicorns and put them in the sea, which is one sentence of why sometimes you love King Haggard the best, even though he is the BAD guy in the movie, because you know EXACTLY how he feels when he whispers that, and you long for a unicorn too, but the movie teaches you that unicorns are just not as good in a cage, even if the cage is as big as the whole ocean, because the BEST part is when the unicorns go FREE and spill out of the sea, and run and RUN and run back into the world, even though that part lasts for only a few seconds in the movie, it is the part that you watch the WHOLE movie FOR, because THAT is the good part.

And you remember how Mommy is a girl that really knows how to horde/hold onto a turtle.

And NOT so much a turtle-freer-sharer.

Mommy, in fact, is more of a CATCH-THOSE-UNICORNS!!! kind of person, quite a bit of the time. Just like King Haggard, but still nicer and prettier.

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