Melatonin again

man, was it like this before??? (i am not reading my first post on melatonin until after i write this.)

so... i forget what i have and haven't said. um, so, i have been off melatonin for a bit, because it seemed to be not working as well, so i have been taking breaks and then going back on, and so i haven't taken it for awhile and then i did last night.

i also am on day 4 back off of gluten/milk.

so first, going to sleep- i lay in bed laughing for a good half hour.

eyes closed, smiling i kept saying, "yaaaay! bacon!" in this teensey little voice and then laughing and laughing. sometimes i would add, "dogs don't know it's not bacon" or "i smell like bacon!!" laugh. settle down. yay bacon. repeat. it kept being super funny to me.

then i was almost asleep and garret or a cat or something made a very small noise, and i screamed, "AHHHH!" and my eyes flew open and i was all jumpy.

then i fell asleep, i don't remember any dreams. then i woke up about 4am, all tense and jittery and i feel very chatty still, 4 hours later. i just want to talk and talk and write and talk and YAY BACON! and my face and my muscles are all tight and i am twitchy.

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