my hands are cold.

my hat is old my teeth are gold i have a shoe i like to hold...

my hands are cold. drenched in blood and turpentine?

i hate dogs. we have dogs. well, garret has dogs. so i have dogs. i think they should go out and play. i want them to run and play. even though i don't like dogs. i feel bad they are in a little fenced in place. but they are big dogs. big-ish. big and strong enough to give me trouble. they don't listen to me. they run and play and won't come back. and i am not a good dog chaser-tackler. so no more play for them i guess. i feel bad about it but i don't know what else to do. Lick'rish snapped the links on her choke chain yesterday. So no more leash. and no more Run-with-no-leash, because they won't come back.

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