Dreams about suitcases

last night (in my dream) there was a house i didn't know, and kizzy, the dog, had gotten out, so i went inside to get the house keys, and then there was an autistic boy i didn't know, and then some old lady showed up and the boy brought a couple of her suitcases up the stairs, and then i carried another couple of her suitcases up the stairs and then she asked me which room i wanted. because there were two rooms with the sheets stripped off of the beds but not made up again yet, like company was expected but had arrived early.

the night before, i dreamed about my own suitcases. my green backpack, my pink luggage, my old navy suitcase that garret now uses. oh, and a generic black duffle bag i don't own. we were trying to fit them all in the trunk of someones car (i think into my parents car in florida, because i think my dad or someone was saying they would not fit, but i got them to fit just fine and there was even room left over in the trunk.)

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