Alice and Frank

Some people like to point out that Frankenstein was the name of the doctor and not the monster. The monster was just "Frankenstein's monster" and it didn't have a name of it's own. But I don't really care about it. I figure if Mary Shelley wanted people to get her book right, then she should have given it a name of it's own. Plus, I have not actually read the book so i am not very attached to it. Plus, lots of diseases get named after the doctors that discovered them, so why not monsters?

I am perfectly ok with calling Frankensteins as i see them.

But, Alice, is a whole other story.

And one i get very annoyed about. Possibly because i have to deal with it so much more than the Frankenstein thing, which i suppose i should be grateful for, if i took intent into consideration, but really, i'd rather be called Frankenstein than Alice. In fact, it is really surprising how often Alice gets mentioned to me, especially if you look at my real-people friend ratio. But people seem to give me odd looks and say things like, "ooookay ALICE! haha! you are weird." or something like that. especially when they first meet me. and, i suppose they don't mean it as an insult, because Alice wasn't a TROLL or anything... but... I do not like Alice.

She is a bug. Lice. A lice. A nasty little bug that gets into Wonderland and all it's crazy fun, and she's not BAD exactly, but she is terribly normal and not in a good way. And so, if people wish to express my oddness, then they really should not call me ALice. I am Wonderland. I am the Mad Hatter, the White Queen, gosh, pick almost ANYTHING else in the books, even some treacle, but NOT Alice.

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