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Or today:

You wonder how the snails get out. You see that there are lots of EMPTY shells in the yard, and also big snails and little snails. So at first, you think the unicorn-snails grow up and move into the empty BIG shells. And you don’t know WHY the big snails move out, because you don’t see any shells that are bigger for them to move into. But you play with snails for a long time and collect lots of the empty shells, and put them by smaller snails in case they need to move, or just want to move into a different color house, because white is so pretty, and most of the empty shells are white. And one time you ask an adult if the Unicorn-snails get big and use the empty shells you leave out for them. But they laugh and say NO, because they are like a different animal, because they are different species of snails. And one time, you notice that you have never seen a BIG snail in a white house, only in brown houses, and you wonder about snail-death, and if it hurts, and WHY is the SHELL still in your yard if the snail is somewhere else, and if the snail is dead, then why doesn’t the shell disappear too? And you don’t WORRY about this too much, you are just very curious.

And then, you think of SLUGS.

But you have never seen a slug, only snails and empty snail shells. So you hope, that may be SLUGS are some of the SNAILS that got too big for the shell and ESCAPED!!!

And at this time, you feel very excited and curious and smart for thinking of this. But at another time, you will just feel stupid and ignorant.

Like this day:

Amanda is playing outside... (and the page goes black)

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