SEER page 22

Or today:

More PLAY with CLAW on the slide! And you see that CLAW wants to be outside the shell almost all the time now. But you do not think it would be a good idea to break his shell open for him, because you see that it might kill him if you try to help.

And for just a second, you wonder how the snails get out.

So you just PLAY and slide, and swing, but not too much swing, because you hate actually SWINGING back and forth. And you never got the knack of jumping off in the air like some kids can do. You just like to twist the chain up tight and then un-spin, but CLAW does not like either way. In fact, what CLAW loves the most, is PLAY with the GRASS. He sure loves that grass next to the slide. But he gets going pretty quick when he is happy and having a good time, so you have to keep a close eye on him, so he won’t get lost. But you can get away with ONE slide down on your stomach before he gets too far away, just like that day the picture was taken, and in fact, that may be the EXACT day you remember, but it might be the day after too, because there were lots of days with the slide and with CLAW.

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