B LOG... sniff...

i am terribly traumatized. Blog means Weblog. We blog? Why are WE blogging? what's going on? what are we talking about... oh. WEB LOG. I am SO disappointed because i thought Blog was Blah-blah plus Log, like a log of rants, rambling, and BLAH......

and i know i heard that from somewhere, and more than once, so apparently everyone is just joking and trying to be clever.

which i hate. because i am super bad at the whole joking concept.

and it has really sucked my fun out. because... it is ok to dance around singing the "blah-blah-blog!" song if that is the REAL definition, but not so much if you are tricked into the unfunny joke train, where everyone keeps making the same dumb joke and NONE of you are funny.

and i hate it when people think i am trying to be funny and just failing, because mostly i am forced to play off stupidity as "oh i was just trying to be funny" because having an inner dork is much more acceptable than having inner stupidity.

i try to play dork up a lot.

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