Memory. Time. Reality. Space. Dimensions.

I think about time travel and memory a lot, just because I find them interesting. The lines between imagination, reality, dreams, and all kinds of things can seem clear sometimes and sometime blurry.

I don't know if my memory is faulty, or if I just pay attention to different details than others. But I don't seem to be on the same page as others either way. People who work in the court system or watch TV know that "eyewitness" testimony can be inaccurate.

But for me personally, I seem to get Time all mixed up. My unchecked memory will skip all over the place, age wise. When I write, I switch between I and You all the time, but I usually mean Me. I can't naturally keep my tense straight either. Since my brain is usually flipping from age 5 to age 25 and back again, I will use past, present, and future tenses all mixed up in the same sentence.

I don't know if anyone or everyone has a similar experience, but I am trying to play around with writing stuff right now that can illustrate some of how I feel. At times I feel that time or time travel is a potential secret our brains posses. Not in the sense of imagination, but more to do with Memory. Like a virtual reality game or something. Maybe not like actually GOING anywhere, but being able to SEE everything all at the same time.

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véra said...

Since my brain is usually flipping from age 5 to age 25 and back again ...

thats very interesting.

wenn ich mit menschen unterschiedlichstem alter zusammen bin, nehme ich gannz schnell ihre art des denkens an.

if i contact people with different ages, i assuming their kind of thinking very fast. its like a copy of their being.

i hope, you understand what i mean (bad english).