So i want to be on the computer. There are lots of entertaining and useful things to do on here. But i really hate white noise. And so i hate being on a computer for too long because of the whine. And once it starts to bug me, then i start to hear ALL the machines. And my roomate is not a fan of me unpluging all the TVs and computers, because it resets all the Tivo or something... but even if i go in my room and put the covers over my head i can still hear it and even if i turn music on i can hear it underneath. and someone really needs to invent earplugs that don't hurt ears, because i hate earplugs too because after 20 minutes or so, my ears start to throb, and then i'm back to shaking my head like a crazy person.

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Gavin Bollard said...

Can't really relate to the post about noise... luckily I'm partially deaf. Maybe that's what you need instead of earplugs - except you can't take em out again.