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And today is pre-first class and Ms. Rand:

And the paste-eater does not seem very FUN-SMART or even SMART-FUN. He draws his stick people like this:

Instead of how like you are supposed to draw stick people.

And you SEE his name is Patrick and everyone calls him STUPID-Patrick, and says he got held back from 1st grade because he is stupid and draws stupid stick people the WRONG right-way. And you SEE that all these other kids in the class are may be not special like you are. And that you are 5 years old and got put in Pre-first cLast because you are TOO-SMART-BECAUSE-YOU-CAN-READ-ALL-READY, but everyone else in the cLass is 6 years old and TOO-DUMB-BECAUSE-THEY-CAN-NOT-READ-YET, and so they can not go to first grade.

But also, the 6’s are not mature enough for 1st grade learning, which is also the problem with you, so you can’t play first grade yet either, just like the 6’s, even though you are smarter.

And you are not sure if you should be complimented or insulted by this assessment.

But you SEE, that for sure, being STUPID, is a very big deal. And a VERY BAD-WRONG thing to be. So you are determined to NOT BE stupid EVER! And you decide to watch these characters real close, to learn all you can about stupid people, so you do not ever Be-Stupid, and Make-Stupid-Mistakes, if at all possible, because you are SURE you want to learn how to BE-SMART the most thing of all.

And so far, you KNOW:
--play more with books
--watch out for anything stupid
--and may be start with watch Stupid-Patrick for the trick

Or today is:

Sunshine! The Beach! The Ocean!

You find a giant black rock at the beach that CLAW might like. CLAW has been looking sad in his water-bowl. You SEE that this may be because his rocks are too small and they keep falling down and CLAW has to float and swim all day to not-drown. And you also see, that if you pour too much water out of the bowl so that the rocks are always above water, CLAW seems to be bored, and kind of like he might need a BIGROCK… one that he could climb, but also have room to swim sometimes too. And now is when you SEE the big-black-and-possible-perfect-rock-tower for CLAW. And somehow you just KNOW that this is the rock!!!

And the-end of or-today.

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