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But. Maybe that is not today.

Maybe today is:

Your pet turtle ran away.

Or today is:

GOOD-Daddy brought home a present! A turtle for know reason! Just for you! It was a very small turtle that could fit inside one of your hands. At this time, you love the InspectorGadget cartoon, which has an Inspector, and Go! Go!, and gadgets, and a Penny, and a puppy, and a Dr.Claw’s Fist! Your favorite part is Dr.Claw, because you always hope to see more of him, but all you have seen so-far is his fist and the back of his chair. And so, when Daddy hands you the turtle for the very first time, and it is inside it’s shell, the first thing you want is to get a better look at that turtle, so you can learn it’s name. But the turtle does not come out. And you get very excited!! Because you SEE that this turtle is just like Dr. Claw, except you do not-know if he can grow-up to be a Dr. or if he is a boy… but you do hope he has claws, because you should be able to find out that part. You ask GOOD-Daddy if he knows. (And daddy says yes about claws, but no idea about if he is a boy.) And you KNOW for sure that the name of your turtle IS CLAW. (You might have named him Dr. Claw first, but someone might have pointed out that doctors have to have a diploma to get an honorific, and you are not sure about claw even being a doctor yet in the first place, so you do not make him a diploma.) So his name is CLAW, at least for now, but you will consider changing it to Dr.CLAW, if in the future you ever see him being a doctor or if you find his diploma.

And the-end.
For today.

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