SEER page 12

Either Smart Or Stupid?

So I am 4 now, and I get to go to school when I am 5. But today I went to school BEFORE I get to go for real, because they had to do a test to see if there is something wrong with me. The problem is, none of the other 4 year old kids can read, so I have to get a test so they know what to do with me. But the test was pretty fun, because they just made me read and play and talk. I was not good at throwing the bean-bags, but I liked the part when the man had me name as many words as I could as in 30 seconds or a minute, and I started thinking of a pirate story, so I remember I yelled: Parrot! Pirate! Eye! Patch! Bird! Peg! Leg! A! and! The! Or! At! Wall! Boat! Ocean! Sea! Waterfall! Floor! Chair! Pencil! Desk! Man! … and so on like that, just yelling any words I wanted and that was lots of fun even though he was kind of stern looking and not too-fun to play with. And also someone else, a lady, took me outside to show me the play-ground, but that was maybe a test too. But I didn’t care, I just want to hurry and get to play on the playground already!

And later, I found out that they don’t know if they should put me in Kindergarten with the babies or in first-grade with the grown-up kids. So finally, they put me in Pre-first, which is an in-between class, and my teacher’s name is Ms. Rand…

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