I am in Florida for a few more days.

I'm tired of wanting something so much, yet having no way to obtain it. Apartment rent here is as much as a house payment... Sigh. If only I had been born somewhere like Cuba, then I would have been TRAPPED somewhere tropical, and then I never would have been able to make a stupid mistake like moving to Utah! Plus, I like dark eyes and hair. So, a tall Cuban guy would be handy to have around too...

I've been scrapbooking for my mom, plus I made a giant visual aid for Zac, for his report on the Bermuda Triangle. Yesterday I cut down a bunch of palm fronds for my Grandmother. She complained about all her coconuts, so I cut some of those down too, but then she said wistfully, "Well... those were the good ones". Then, today she mentioned them again and said maybe I should cut down some more. She is quite impossible.

Zac wants me to play Wii with him, though I don't know why since I am so bad at it. He also enjoys trying to teach me to Ripstick. That I can understand the appeal of, since I scream and fall off a lot, which makes him laugh.

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