so, when scooched all the way under bed, flat on my back, i can just fit my fist in between my face and the bed. this is ok, but even better would be if i could curl on my side... shoulders will behave-- they don't exactly pop out of joint, but i can put my arm underneath me in that way that angles them... so i can almost curl, but my hips need about another inch. hope it is not non-negotiable bone, and that fat will do... (i think i could jam myself sideways, but i have not tried it as i would probably get stuck.)

was under the bed today because bathtub got too cold, and Sagira jumped into the bathtub to see if i was ok, and that made me cry very hard because she is terrified of the evil, scary bath. was in the bathtub because my feet were muddy. my feet were muddy because i took my shoes off when i was watering the garden, and watering the garden was very distressing because the water was up too high and the pressure was too much for the little baby things that have sprouted, and i got upset that they were dying and drowning and being washed away, and garret wouldn't turn the water down. he says i always get extra nuts/emotional before i go to FL. this is probably an accurate observation.

getting a bed that is higher off the ground is not a good solution, because i do not like beds to be too high off the ground, and if anything, wish mine were lower. plus, i can not afford a new bed anyway. i had an excellent wooden toy-chest when i was a kid. a bigger version of that would be nice to bug-up in. one with a nice smell, pine or something.

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