My brain is skitz. My brain is skitz. My brain is skittish and on the fritz... Got Skype today, which was a New Thing. And so there was Too Much today. Can't look at too many New Things because it is overwhelming. "Oh Amanda, don't be silly, it's not hard, just a simple download!"

Sigh. Not about hard. About looking at a New Thing. Everything online is full of crap and sideshow. Blah to skim through to get to the point of it all.

I am neglecting people. Haven't checked email. Too many New in the Inbox. Haven't returned phone calls. Sigh. Sigh.

Can't sleep from skitz-brain.

One of my many problems is... I play so well, so well, no one can tell... I seem just fine. I can talk, smile. Yay, good monkey. Sigh. SO MUCH effort to play monkey. I am tired all the time. People think, well, it does not LOOK hard, so it must not BE hard. Ah. Yes. Lovely logic, that.

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