but what springs from my mindspring is... just that. it's a line from an email a friend wrote me. and i woke up 8 minutes ago, back at 3:25am with it running through my head. what springs from my mindspring what springs from my mindspring... i like the turn of phrase.

i have been thinking about it for a couple days because i'm not sure what kind of spring he was thinking of. and i haven't asked because then i would know, and it's more fun to play with it instead (for the moment). what springs from my mindspring, what springs from my mindspring...

See, the first thing that sprang to mind when he sprung the mindspring on me was a metal coil kind of spring. Exploding from the head like a Jack-in-the-box Athena.

Later i thought of those stupid looking shoes that have a big exposed spring coil attached to the heal, you know, put a spring in your step. I don't think that is their actual advertising slogan but it should be. That was a very satisfactory thought, as Athena was now able to bounce forth in springy sneakers.

When I woke up just now it was a teeny little spring. The kind that you feel compelled to press together when you autopsy a pen, and that can ZING quite a distance when it pops out of your fingers. It is probably the image i got because i have been wound too tight like a spring and the pen has a connection to writing, and here i am writing. I am unwinding the spring.

But before all that, back to 3 seconds after reading what springs from my mindspring, my second thought was that it could be the water kind of spring. Water gushing up and soaking in and spreading out works well in the analogy too.

Perhaps Winter is the problem with my mindSpring... mandaBear in hibernation.


Ick said...

'spring' is a wonderfully overloaded term, no? Verb, noun, adjective. I suppose it can even be twisted with a bit of imperative-adverb-gerunding into a quasi-recursive sentence formed entirely from the word: "Spring springingly, spring spring!"

I just need to work out what 'springingly' means. And I will.


Pepper Potts: "Larry called; he's got another buyer for the Jackson Pollock in the wings, do you want it: yes or no?"

Tony Stark: "Is it a good representation of his Spring period?"

Pepper: "Ehm, no, 'The Springs' was actually the neighbourhood in East Hampton where he lived and worked, not 'spring' like the season...."

Tony: "So...?"

Pepper: "I think it's a fair example... And I think it's incredibly over-priced."

Tony: "I need it - buy it - store it."


- Ick

Amanda said...

"what springs from my mind spring" has now been replaced with, "Spring springingly, spring spring!"