Sea Writer, Sea Writer, See-Righter, Sea Writer...

rachel, who is not really a rachel but a Joey, reminded me about amanda today...

so i came to see her. and talk to us.

i am thinking of ick and telepathy and z-coil shoes...

now, this is obviously just a blog about me and not a heavily trafficked site, but i put up the little google ad thingys in the beginning, and now i LOVE them.

in fact, most of the reason i have not written a blog since the last one is because: talking about those springy shoes made Z-coil shoes appear. Magic!

...the computer is sending me secret messages. :)

change of subject.

i was in florida for christmas. it was happy and warm. i got married.

garret is getting smarter about asking me the right questions... like instead of, "do you love me?" asking stuff like-- "do you like it better when i am here" or "would you kill people for me?"

i need more tangible yes/no questions.

OH! a very sad thing i found out is that black panthers do not really live in the florida everglades. i am highly traumatized by this. at least, there are no documented cases of them, just people who say they have seen them, who are probably wrong, and saw a black bobcat or something.

and that even "real" black panthers (leopards or jaguars) are actually a very dark brown.

i think i shall stubbornly go back to believing in black panthers until i forget this fact.

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zhekai said...


Congratulations re marriage.

stability within/despite instability

Happy New Year etc.