Garret is on his way home. He's been gone almost 2 weeks. (work.) He has the flu.

i should feel a little sorry for him.

But mostly i just feel a little anxious that he is going to get me sick. And annoyed that i can not pounce and play, and talk at him when he gets here. Because i will have to be nice and considerate, and i do not want to be nice. i have been all alone for a long time and i am BORED and i want to PLAY. And not just watch someone cough feebly and look ill.

i want him to fix the pilot light on the heater that has been off for four days that i cannot fix by myself. and i want him to do something about the dogs, because i feel horribly guilty when i give them food and i know they are bored and want to PLAY too.


amanda grudgingly admits kinship with dogs. wolf-growl.

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