my brain feels unplugged.

we took the dogs in the truck and went to the place we walk around and Trikke. but it was cold, cold, windy. and i couldn't breathe. got all shaky and faint and sank to the ground. took shallow breaths and all that, and got back to the car and felt some better.

but feel... slow now.

like when i wake up but am not-waked up. zombie-walking-still-asleep-girl.

time stretched out funny. not in sync with reality. more space and time inside my head. making things both faster and slower at once.

i love to watch wind through window-glass. i am inside where it is still. outside is moving, and i am still.

the word wind is inside window. Ow. Ouch. wind. ow. Maybe because wind screams and howls like it is in pain sometimes, when it slams into the zoo-glass and can't come in.

Hi, wind.
Come in, come in.

it is too stuffy in here. dying, stagnant.

outside is moving, and i am still.

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