Bromocriptine (generic Parlodel)

i took one teeny little 2.5mg pill last night, and i still feel awful.

shortly after taking:
felt mentally fine, even good. super super short but intense waves of headache pain. like, fine for a few minutes then excruciating pain for 5-10 seconds. mild nausea. dry mouth. then, bad taste in mouth. hands and feet became ice-cold. shivering, teeth chattering. twitching of muscles throughout body. painful burning sensation in legs. and almost like my legs were being chewed by squirmy rats. fire-rats.

no headache or nausea. extreme feeling of weakness. i tried to pick up a SPOON and did a double take, because i was so surprised at how HEAVY it was. odd to feel mentally energized, but physically slow and weak. hands and feet still ice-cold. legs now feel mildly tingling, almost like when a body part is just starting to "fall asleep" but not to the painful all-the-way-asleep yet. legs also been cramping/going numb.

least tolerable in order of suckiness:
#1. the cold
#2. weakness
#3. leg burning/numb

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