happy things

Garret and I went for a long walk today.
It was nice and humid outside, it rained last night.
We saw 5 baby foxes!
They were brave, came very close to us.

Then Garret made fun of me because I got scared of cows.
They had gotten out of their fence, and onto the paved trail we were on.
Hey! One was a BULL, ok?
Hey, it COULD have gored me to death.
No need to laugh.
It could have.

Also, Garret decided to cut down some tree branches.
While up on the vantage point of the roof, he discovered that there is a dead deer in the backyard.
We thought the smell was from a dead cat or something.
But, nope. A deer.

I will spare you the sight of the picture.
Instead, here are some pics of my garden:

Peas. (Yes they recovered from the cats eating them.)


Radishes are the only things that can be eaten yet. They are SO HOT.

1 comment:

glee said...

Well I am glad you dint run in to the mom .
I hop you don’t get gored when you go walking those cow are killers !!!!!!
Ness garden .