Where are the (Edward) Snowdens of yesteryear?

I don't watch the news very often for two main reasons:
1. it depresses me
2. the media lies so much it's hard to know what is and isn't true

I mean, once you believe that ____ is a horrible evil ____ committing atrocities against ____, it's just depressing to keep watching the news day after day and being told that everything is the same as the day before. The American people never seem to care very much, no matter how you fill in those blanks.

So anyway, of course I've heard about the NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden, even though I'm not following the story.

But I hadn't noticed his name was SNOWDEN until just now.

The Catch-22 fan in me is quite delighted about this. This just keeps on proving my theory that PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS NAMED CORRECTLY!!!!

when Snowden spilled his secret... where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?

There are so many fun parallels between Heller's fictional Snowden and this real live Snowden.

I'll tell you where the Snowdens of yesteryear are-- casually murdered by government and circumstance.

The Snowdens of today and tomorrow should totally avoid airplanes. And flak. Spilling one's guts is often hazardous to one's health.

Second pseudo-news thing that I noticed today--

Saw an article on my facebook feed about this 5 year old kid who was kicked out of a play because she was laughing and humming and squealing. An autistic person shared the article, and was all up in arms about how horrible a thing this was, because the kid has a DISABILITY, so how DARE they kick her out of the theater, etc, etc. She can't help it that she's being an obnoxious brat! It's a disability!

Are you freaking kidding me?

NO. Just, no.

I do not care who you are. I do not care how old or young or able or disabled you are. If you are going to scream during a play or a movie, you should not be there. Period.

If you do think Auties should be allowed to scream during a play, then you are a wack-job.

I do think it would be a good idea for movies/plays to have special showings for people who cannot be quiet. That way, they can see the show too.

Like, if I CHOOSE to go see a matinee movie that is marketed towards kids, then I can't complain. If kids are being noisy during the performance, I should expect that. But if someone won't take out their stupid crying toddler during a night showing of a rated R movie, that's different.

Maybe obnoxious babies can somehow be utilized to thwart government surveillance.... Things I want to hear... things I don't want the government to hear... instead of making me miss out on movie lines, I'm sure those deafening screams could be put to better use somehow.

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