Hi world. I just checked my email for the first time in awhile. And I saw that I had a happy comment on this bloggy here. And I felt quite cheered.

And I now have fresh resolve to go work on my little teen fiction project-- Alethea as Pie. It is 6 chapters and 10,000 words old so far.

I made the mistake of emailing it to my sister a few weeks ago. She only read the first chapter. Oh. Mmm hmm. It's ok. Why don't you write a fantasy book instead? Fantasy is more interesting. Vampires are so hot right now. You should do that instead. Oh, well, I'm so busy, I'll try to read the rest sometime soon... It's ok. But you should write something with magic or vampires.

Sigh. I am easily discouraged and derailed.

(Plus, I also bought book 12 of the wheel of time series, which neccesitated me re-reading books 1-11, which was another bad time-sucking move on my part. In fact, i am still not done.)

So. Amanda. Pay attention! Please do not forget about poor little Alethea. Find focus! Figure out chapter 7! Help Alethea as Pie to be born. Write the story. Go-go gadget go now.


Golden Thoughts said...

i look forward to reading your boo. don't be discouraged. Just focus on what you like to write and you'll gonna hear more from your readers.

the north-west london suburbanite said...

she's only preparing you for all those publishers who will inevitably turn your work down (they always do).

personally i would just do what you want to do and keep your fingers crossed someone will appreciate you in time for you to earn some money out of it.

(i'm thinking van gogh here - all those millions came many years and half an ear too late!)

be lucky!

HSC said...

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